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phoned in on behalf of the public lead police to the scene here. mike tobin working the story. who do i have? molly, my colleague who is near the scene in watertown, massachusetts. molly, where are you precisely and what are you seeing? >> we are at the corner of auburn and lange done. this is a main drag through waterton. this is a main street. i am told that the suspect that was fleaing and coming out of that area and into the watertown area that the car that suspect may have been driving and they believe it was abandoned down the street here and the suspect took off on foot. now i am standing maybe a mile, a mile and a half from the river, from the charles river. we are getting reports that people and police are searching along the river. that's where some of the media briefings are expected to take place. it is a matter of a few miles. a very active crime scene. all of watertown has been -- it is a huge, active, incredible crime scene. everywhere you turn you will see police officers and watertown square is just getting to this area from the next town over. we have seen officers fro
that they are connected at this point. >> all right. mike tobin. thank you so much for joining us. we will keep following this. i want to ask you a couple more questions. >> reporter: sure. >> you mentioned the m.i.t. shooting -- have we heard anything else about ha? that officer? what the circumstances were? what he was responding to when he was shot? >> reporter: no. we don't know what happened at that stage of the game. we do unfortunately, that officer didn't make it. we know that one of the suspects from the scene here has been transported to beth ais rail hospital. one of the individuals they were after has been transported to beth israel hospital. his condition, we don't know at this stage of the game. >> were there any other shots fired that you have heard in that scanner traffic? >> reporter: we have heard a lot about shots fired in this particular conflict out here. a great deal of exchange of gunfire, weapons produced. just pardon me, a distraction there because some of the agencies that are here. shots fired, a very tense scene, very active. >> all right. all right. mike tobin, thank you so m
, start with something light. i reason i love fox newschannel's mike tobin is he doesn't take guff. check him out during this live shot. >> 10 seconds later the second explosion goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that. where he dropped the -- where he dropped his knapsack. shepherd? >> we needed a little levity there. and that is was amazing -- he didn't even stop. he just did it. and that's why we love you, tobin. >> one week after the boston marathon bombing, the suspect is lying in hospital in serious condition. a gunshot wound to the neck. on monday they announced dzhokhar, aka, human garbage, will not be tried as an enemy combatant in response to enemy law i can makers to call it information gathering purposes. he is carney jie. he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will treat it through our system of justice. united states citizens cannot be tried in military commissions. >> can i see the mike tobin thing again? never mind. a leading republican senator says there is a legal option to declare dzhokhar, aka, [bleep] face a
-- i asked them to describe the gunfire and they said. >> that's what mike tobin was talking about, the different weapons. he was hearing grenades, dynamite, ieds, you name it, it sounds like, the suspects were armed for a lot more than just a robbery? >> reporter: that would certainly be the case. vehicle -- having been in these situations and 10 years ago, you can find of feel a little bit of the sentiment of the law enforcement agencies. this is one that they were absolutely taking seriously. there was a lot of adrenalin flowing and obviously, with the suspects sort of surprising the law enforcement, the authorities where i was, they were treating him as much more than just a -- an armed robber. that said, you know, we don't know any more than what we witnessed. when you wake the residents up at 1:00 in the morning and they hear thing, their impressions of what they heard could certainly vary. you know, i am guessing, if you got roused by loud noises, there are several versions of what you heard. >> exactly. we are going to come back to you in just a little bit. but we want to g
there the clays went further west into watertown, massachusetts where mike tobin is standing by with an update >> reporter: we have officers with m-4s at the ready conducting searches from the mall. the mall is a giant staging area. you heard the press conference where governor deval patrick spoke here. he said this would be a massive manhunt. every available asset would be debt qaed the to it. every asset dedicated is behind me here in this giant staging area. we've seen throughout the day, busloads, city busloads of police officers from apparently every municipality being dumped off in this parking lot where they stay and work in waves. going past right now, another column of motorcycle-mounted police officers. we watch them come and go throughout the day. we have seen state troopers arriving here. we have a rather large column of humvees with military police arriving at this location. some appeared to me to be up-armored humvee. they had military police steps i would on the side. a large column of that. they're planning to bring all manpower to the scene. make sure they're well-fed and make
? a lot of people? how involved? to what degree? who saw what? and when? we have mike tobin tracking the investigation from boston, and our own katherine harris what they're saying in washington about the investigation. we begin with mike. mike? >> there are tremendous number of images floating around, particularly on the internet. the fer investigators say the images that matter we haven't seen them yet and there's a discussion among federal investigators of about whether or when they will row lease those images. quite possibly that could be some of the content of the press conference we're waiting for right now. we know of the images. there is one at least that shows an individual placing an object at the scene of one of the bombs. it's a very clear image according to an fbi source, clear enough he described the individual in the image as very young and white. now, there are a number of other people who were caught on camera. secretary napolitano is reluctant to call them suspects, just saying they're individuals with whom investigators want to speak. the physical crime scene out h
. [ shots fired ] >> fox's mike tobin was there for the takedown and he joins us live from watertown with more. >> reporter: and this, heather, is where it all finalized. the manhunt ended, the standoff ended. really in a boat that's in a driveway of the house you see behind me here. the owner got out, had a chance to walk around, went out and had a cigarette, noticed that something was amiss. followed the direction that was given out in all of these press conferences with the state police and with the governor. he backed up, he called 9-1-1. it was a remarkable scene to see all of the different emergency and tactical vehicles racing in this direction. the helicopters overhead. there was a stand-off. there was concern that tsarnaev was strapped with explosives and ready to detonate himself. it was violent at the end. there was an exchange of gunfire. he was hit more than once much that's what he's dealing with recovering right now. he's now arrested he was not read his miranda rights. federal agents electing, instead, to invoke the public safety threat exemption. th allows them to co
is at the scene of the bombing and mike tobin at the federal courthouse where they had a bomb scare themselves. we begin with our intrepid rick. what's the latest? >> as you mentioned, the f.b.i. now trying to caution the news media to be patient and not rush to report from sources as we heard earlier today, the local media, local paper, local television station and the associated press were reporting a suspect was in custody and was on his way to a federal courthouse here in south boston to face charges related to the marathon bombing. we are now told by the f.b.i. that no suspect has been arrested, but the important thing is the f.b.i. is holding a 5 p.m. briefing and that -- 5 -- and that is where we have been getting our best information, obviously from the investigators, from the special agent in charge of the boston office and from others involved in this massive search for whoever is responsible. as you mentioned, a key here is the video and images that have been collected at the scene. it was said to be one of the most photographed places on earth monday afternoon near the finish line of t
hold them for justice. >> we have live team coverage, continuous coverage. mike tobin is live at the scene of the take down in watertown, mass and adam howsely is at massachusetts general where the suspect is being treated. adam, let's begin with you. >> greg, you mentioned about the police officers and how tired they are. they are still here on guard. in fact, the numbers are down a bit. there are five outside the entrance of the hospital. but all-around the beth israel medical center where the suspect is located there are police officers everywhere. significant presence outside and inside though the numbers are down a bit from when we first arrived five hours ago. inside we are told the suspect has multiple injuries. there has been conflicting reports out. we have been told he was shot to the head and thousand we hear maybe the neck. he was obviously shot in the head or neck area. we were also told he was shot in the leg or hand as well. we know he has been shot at least twice and one of those wounds he suffered from the gunbattle roughly 20 hours before he was captured. we
of that year. thank you. i want to go to mike tobin. he has breaking news. i believe you're at the courthouse in downtown boston. >> there is something here. what we're seeing is the d.hs police cam out with a great sense of urgency and pushed all of the crowd off to the other side of the street, at the same time hustling the employees out of the courthouse itself. they came out really with a good clip to their walk. i'm looking at one, two, three, four, five, six fully armed u.s. marshals with vests and helmets, each of them, i believe, has an additional side arm. i saw a van speed past with -- looks like a marshal hanging off of the side. a good clip of speed and they're going down that small alleyway on the southwest side of the building. backing up now into what looks like the alley port. you hear some of the commotion. the dhs police backing everybody away from the courthouse right now. i don't have a whole lot of details other than it's some kind of scare has forced all the employees out of the courthouse. >> understood. mike, i know you don't know, but we have an aerial picture that's
that poli by the bus load is now pouring into watertown, massachusetts for a bit of back up. mike tobin is there live. what do you see and what do you have from your location now? >> what i s and i can step out of the shot right now and let you -- let pete zoom in and show you. we have throngs of police officers arriving by the metro, boston transit authority. bus loads and bus loads are coming. i see what looks like municipal police officers. i see state troopers staging in this particular parking lot. before they arrived, what we saw and we've got video of this, there is a long column of what appeared to be up armored humvee s senseled on the side were the words "military police." a long column of them pulling into what now appears to be a growing staging area. we've seen this kind of thing before at different locations. what this is when they start drawing in the big numbers of officers, they start drawing in the big numbers of military police, all hands on deck. that means they're digging in for the long haul. if they can surround the area and just wait for him to come out, this mea
the country. mike tobin is live in the area as well and mike was able to here in watertown as the choppers hovered over and authorities came racing through tonight much of a celebration. >> interesting. the onlookers formed up a gauntlet. when the unit come out, a k-9 unit. an ambulance coming through. you can hear the cheer coming out of the crowd and expression of gratitude. this is joe. you have been sheltered in place. what is it like to know it is over now? >> a fantastic. a great relief. >> reporter: a lot of people expressing gratitude to the emergency crews that went in there, the please offiers. what are your thoughts. >> we have a lot to be thankful for them. they did a great job. >> put themselves at risk. a lot of them got hurt. is this the point when you start think budget lives lost, particularly the police officer that lost their live. >> and the little girl, are the people that lost their limbs, everyone. >> reporter: is this community ready to bounce back? >> we are very resilient. >> reporter: and that is why we see people lining the road? >> without a doubt. >> reporter:
: for more on the capture of the 19-year-old bombing suspect, fox news correspondent mike tobin joins us. mike, what did you see? >> i saw a responsible taken yusz celebration break out here. spontaneous parade, if you will. the people lined either side of the street. you can see mof the remnants behind me. you see the american flags waving and people cheer for the . they made a gauntlet and as the emergency vehicles started streaming out they started heing for members of the s.w.a.t. team andtical team, all the police officers and paramedics that was part of this effort. it's outpouring of support for what they did. in the lead up to that, we saw people crowding around a radio, listening to developments. as they heard something they liked, they let out a big cheer. one of the things that got a cheer on out of the people is the fact that this individual was taken alive. that may surprise i. there are some people they would rather see it all get ended and never have to deal witness and never go through a messy trial. one thing the are interested, the fact that this individual lived throug
begin with mike tobin in watertown. mike, we're hearing from some of those recovery, namely the thrift police officer richard donohue. >> exactly. there's reason to be optimism for his recovery. he was fully engaged in a gun battle with the two bombing suspects. he was hit by a single bullet to the leg. it didn't hit a bone, sever nerves, but it severed three arteries, including the major one, the femoral artery. he lost so much blood his heart stopped. took doctors 45 minutes to get his heart beating again, but now that he's bouncing back his brother is expressing nothing but pride. >> as a brother, fellow officer, and as an american i cannot describe the pride i have how dick, other officers, and emergency personnel acted early friday morning. with complete disregard to their own safety, officers withstood a barrage of gunfire and explosives more reminiscent of a war zone than a quiet suburban street. >> and there was a wake today for 29-year-old crystle campbell, a restaurant manager standing near the finish line when the bombs went off. family and friends will say their good-byes t
needs to step forward now. as he put it, the nation is counting on it. mike tobin with me now. tonight, mike, what do you take from these late developments that we have been watching here in boston? >> well, bill, one of the first things that struck me is gone is this discussion of person of interest or people with whom the federal investigators want to speak. the special agent in charge of the boston office here came right out and used the word suspect. following on what we had reported earlier that federal source had indicated they had a clear image of someone placing a device at the scene where one of the explosions took place. we now know from the feds here in boston that that was a backpack placed at the site of one of those explosions. >> suspect 2 set down a backpack at the site of the second explosion just in front of the forum restaurant. we strongly encourage those who were at the forum restaurant who have not contacted us yet to do so suspect number 2 is the individuals in the white ball cap. our fox affiliate out here is linking that to a polo ball cap with the number three
they located a second suspect in watertown. the area they'd been combing all day long. mike tobin with news he's live this morning. mike, end of this thing was tense. >> and the end of it happened here this, building you can see lit up behind me just past state troopers this is where it finalized. just on the other side of the house, the driveway at the end of the driveway is a boat they'll talk about now. it happened quickly after that order after that lock down was lifted people here were so eager to get out and they didn't have anywhere to go but started walking around. soon you saw vehicles racing off in this direction. helicopter overhead and this tense standoff. by and large people in these neighborhoods who bore this tragedy say that they're glad this resolved with the suspect being alive because now, you can talk to them and learn what other threats are out there. what other threats are connected to him. >> for many years, probably many tens of thus great relief. and for some, great celebrations. >> and it was real, very patriotic. it started as people were gathered around radios to li
the suspect wore in those surveillance videos on the dave the bombing. mike tobin is is live in boston where, with details of mike, it's my standing we have learned a lot more about how the fbi zeroed in on these suspects. >> you know, shepard, they really seemed to identify themselves, particularly dzhokhar not so much for what he did on that security video but what he he didn't do. what he didn't do is ability surprised when the first bomb went off. the criminal complaint says virtually every head turns to the east toward the finish line and stares that that direction in apparent bewilderment and. dzhokhar alone in front of the restaurant appears calm. he does glance to the east and turns and leaves quickly but calmly to the west. 10 seconds later, the second explosion goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped his -- please don't do that where he dropped his knapsack, shepard? >> mike tobin live for us, thanks very much. if you would like to web site. >> say goodbye to krystle campbell. she'd died in the bombing. 2 years old. restaurant managener medford, massachusetts
him on the ground and in the back of an ambulance. mike tobin is in watertown, massachusetts, where they have seen a day like they never had before. i am certain of that, mike? >> reporter: certain of that. and this is where it all ended. you see the house behind me here, this is the house with the driveway at the end of the driveway was the boat where it all went down. it all went down, shortly after that lockdown was lifted. you heard that in the press conference. people could get out. they could walk around. they did that, as soon as they could, even though they had nowhere to go. once the pem were out on the street, suddenly we saw the police vehicles, the tactical team vehicle, racing through town. one after the other, after the other. the helicopter was up in the air and reports that shots had been firred at this location. it was a standoff. but ultimately, it was a matter of time before it was resolved. it was resolved without further loss of life. now, just on the other side of the police tape, here in watertown, residents were gathered around radios, listening to the latest
have emerged and they're everywhere round it on boylston street, which just re-opened. mike tobin. i hate to keep can use the word extraordinary but one after another after another, the heroes out of this are just -- they're extraordinary. >> you know, that's probably the best way too put. you heard one doctor talking about the experience of these doctors, and of them had experience in combat but their day-to-day was household injuries, work place injuries, car wrecks, and all out once they were overwhelmed with injuries consistent with combat. you hear one doctor say the decision to amputate wasn't one they needed to make. the people came in with limbs so badly battered, so badly damaged, all they had to do was finish off the work that the bomb had started. >> at this point if i have my numbers right, we have performed four amputations, and there are two more limbs that are at risk but i hope we will save those legs. reporter: massachusetts general is the first place we heard from doctors they were removing from the patients ball bearings and nails consistent with the information th
on the investigation. we begin with mike tobin in watertown, massachusetts. asi from the reflection we are hearing promising news about those recovering namely the transit police officer richard donahue. >> exactly. there is reason to be optimistic for the recovery of that gravely wounded transit officer richard donahue. he is an individual who is fully engaged in a gun battle with the two bombing suspects. he was hit by a single bullet to the leg. it didn't hit any bone or severe any nerve but it severed three arteries including the major won the femoral artery. he lost so much blood his heart stopped took 45 minutes to get his heart beating regularly again. now that he is bouncing back his brother is expressing nothing but pride. >> as a brother a fellow officer and american i cannot describe the pride i have for dick and the other emergency officers. with complete disregard of their own safety they with stood a barrage of gun fire and explosives more like a war zone as a quiet suburban street. >> there was a wake today for 29-year-old crystal campbell a restaurant manager standing near the fini
, fox coverage of the other event quickly unfolding, including mike tobin in boston with the latest on the charges and james rosen on the terror plot that officials say was just thwarted. james first to you on this canadian-u.s. thing. what was the plan? >> neil, good afternoon. canadian officials say this investigation code name project smooth, and conducted jointly by police intelligence, even private sector individuals, began in august of 2012 and climaxed today in the arrest and charging of two men. one age 30, and one age 35. residents respectively of montreal and toronto. these men stand formally accused with terrorist related charges, specifically of attempting to carry out what the royal canadian mounted police call an al i'd-supported attack on a via passenger train. the plot sources say was to blow up a bridge in the toronto area when a commuter train from the united states was traveling over it. officials say the two men wanted to make a big statement with a significant economic impact. u.s. sources tell fox news the two defends were in communication with people in the un
's the alligator. >> dana: i saw this last night after eric bolling when you tweeted about mike tobin. if you haven't seen it, check this out. mike tobin one of our reporters kissed bombed when people get in your camera shot. is he outside the hospital reporting on the terror attack. watch him. >> goes off according to the fbi at the location where he dropped -- please don't do that -- where he dropped -- where he dropped his knapsack, shepard? >> dana: i love it i'm so glad he is on our side. >> those are athletic reflexes. >> they call him the hammer for a reason. all right, bob, you are on. bob: yesterday he mentioned the chinese students who come here. 193,000 here on student visas. fine they do well. let me show you the number one country cyber attacks against the united states. do we have that graph? >> my point yesterday was if we're going to bring people here and educate them in computer sciences and other things and then they go back home and hack us, we might want to think about that before we continue this. >> dana: they don't even have to come here to hack us. you you don't have to tra
conference begins. mike tobin is in watertown tonight, good evening, mike. >> bret, there really seems to be just one core activity taking place on the streets of water town and that is that door-to-door search that's being conducted by state troopers. it's being conducted by local police. different municipalities being conducted by army national guardsmen and tactical teams. each of them going door to door searching the house guaranteeing that is he not in that particular house it does not appear that they're working on a grid. it appears that they are developing their own information or choosing based on circumstances, which of the houses they will search. beyond that when we hear from the officials, when we hear from the head of the state police, they are basically are using the media as a tool to speak to these people in the neighborhoods, telling them to shelter in place, to be safe, to stay home, lock their doors, only open the doors if it's uniformed officer. the net effect is what you see here. you have got a virtual ghost town. this is the main drag. auburn street in the cente
suspects in the bombing at the marathon here in boston on monday. our correspondent mike tobin is nearby and on scene in watertown. mike, it's my standing that the scene just was overrun in a matter of just a couple of minutes. >> it happened very rapidly. and the scene we are talking about ground zero is just about two blocks in that direction, shep. the way it all went down is that shelter in place order was lifted. and as quickly as it was lifted, you could he see the people returning to the street. the cabin fever had gotten the best of them. a lot of them didn't seem to have anywhere to go. they will wanted to get out of house and walk around. shortly after that, we started seeing some of the police vehicles zooming up in this direction. that wasn't uncommon through this process. you would often times see ing police vehicles zoom in one direction and then another. one cop car and another, three, four, they were all going in the same direction. pretty soon you had the police helicopter overhead it became apparent that something was going on. so, and that is how it all came down. that
jeanine pirro. we continue our coverage of the boston terror attack. with the latest is mike tobin who is with us from watertown, massachusetts. >> reporter: judge, according to ed tivo the house behind me is just one and a half blocks off of the search grid outside of the perimeter and that is why dhokhar tsarnaev was able to avoid detection as he hid in the boat the avoiding detection by police and federal agents searching for him. now, they have him. he is according to the governor in serious but stable condition. in beth israel hospital. he is still unable to speak, having been shot through the jaw. he could be charged at any time, the federal public defender has offered to represent him. myriad conrad says she expects to be appointed. following the surrender the is celebrations were immediate and spontaneous. they were out on the street but no where was the celebration more poignant than fenway park where the crowd sang "sweet caroline" but they were supplemented by neil diamond the man who sings it best. >> are you ready? ♪ >> reporter: no one invited him to come along and sing
. we have team fox coverage for you this morning. mike tobin is in watertown, where police cornered and captured the suspect on friday night. the community trying to recover today. but we start at beth israel hospital in boston. the suspect and several victims being treated there. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi, jamie. that's right. dzhokhar tsarnaev is being treated by the doctors, under heavy guard, understandably. the authorities are standing by, ready to talk to him when he becomes able to talk. eddavis spoke on "fox news sunday." he said the fbi has not been able to start an interrogation because he is not in a condition to be interrogated. take a listen to the commissioner. >> the suspect is in serious but stable condition. the questioning's going to be done by a special team, sent in by the fbi. as far as i know, that has not happened yet. >> reporter: is he able to speak? is he in a condition to speak? or are they waiting for that? >> he is in no condition to be interrogated at this point in time. we is progressing and we are monitoring the situations carefully. >> reporter: an
tobin with the news live in chicago. this thing is huge, mike. >> yeah. ice storms up in minnesota, shep. a confirmed tornado as far as south as louisiana. not a very strong tornado. an ef 0. compare that to the ef 2 that touched down outside of saint lewis a little town called hazel road. roofs torn off homes. trees. one thing interesting about that storm the worst of it was preceded by what they describe as a wall of light. another ef-2 touching down in arkansas. an 18-wheeler was tipped over. significant property damage. five people injured. following that a freeze advisory is now in effect for arkansas. states like minnesota, the dakotas, bracing for more snow. 3 to 5 inches. happy april, shep? >> shepard: mike tobin live in chicago. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. and there is growing concern tonight for the united states over the civil war in syria and the rebel group whose leader this week declared his allegiance to the leader of al qaeda. today we learned that group is in virtually every part of syria. of cou
being treated. david: this as law enforcement officials continue to search for suspects. mike tobin from massachusetts general hospital with the very latest. rich edson is live from the white house with reaction from capitol hill. mike, first to you. >> what we're getting david, from massachusetts general hospital is sense of optimism. unless there is unexpected complication they do not anticipate any further loss of life. what the doctors tell us they're getting from victims who were brought in here is remarkable resilience. >> i am more confident than i was in the morning that no further life will be lost. >> now doctors say they completed four above the knee amputations here. the doctors say the decision to amputate was not a difficult one. the victims came here with legs so badly battered all they could dos would complete the job the bombs had done. they say they're removing shrapnel from victims. ball bearings, nails withouted. consistent with the information ball bearings and nails were packed on the bombs to be used like a shotgun blast when the bombs went off the injuries are to
these people do. so, let's go to watertown. let's take you back there where fox news correspondent mike tobin is standing by as well as fox news producer chris laible. anything you can add to what i just said. >> explosion may be a strong word i describe them as pops. what they remind me of is the israeli bomb disposal robot that when they find a suspicious package the robot would approach the suspicious package and hit it with a small charge. that's what the sound reminded me of. we heard several of those out here. and, in fact, when the helicopter was overhead, the helicopter was loud enough to drown out the sound of the explosion. that's what happened. shortly after, as you mentioned, all the chaos broke out here. the chaos broke out after the order to shelter was lifted. people came out of their homes. that would be consistent with the story that the lady saw the bloody clothes, she saw that the door was open to the cabin. she saw something was disturbed with the boat. next thing we knew we saw a couple of police cars screaming in the direction nor and more and more and pretty soon it was
how some of them are doing. mike tobin was at the hospital a little bit earlier. is he live at the church where tomorrow president obama is set to attend a prayer service that we will cover certainly. but, mike, first, what do we know about those still in the hospital and their condition tonight? >> you know, bill, the news coming out of the hospitals overall is optimistic. doctors don't anticipate any further loss of life and they don't anticipate the need for any amputations. that being said, there is a somber note coming out of boston medical. doctors warning to keep a sharp out for post-traumatic stress. >> ptsd is not just about the patients it's about their families as well. we work with them from the beginning. there is no, as far as i know, any magic bullets to prevent this. but we need to, again, it's a process and evolves over time and it's something, again, that people need not to forget about that it's something that can be with these patients forever. >> now, hospitals differ with the descriptions of the shrapnel coming out of the bombing victims. massachusetts
would hear about a simple armed robbery, turned carjacking case. >> mike tobin, thank you for all of your reporting. we are going to come back to you. but we want to go to mark mark k levine. you spoke with the fbi. >> it's the information he just said. as of 2 minutes ago, the fbi is still saying that preliminary information is that the suspect taken into custody around boston is not one of the bombing suspects. he said the situation is very fluid. facts are hard to come by. they are trying to narrow things down. but as of now, they don't believe the person in custody is one of the bombing suspects. >> did they give imu other information that we have not heard at this point? >> they have not. i think really, it's kind of chaos in terms of information, to try to determine what's going on. obviously, there is a situation on the ground that they are trying to clear the area. they are trying to figure out exactly what's happening. >> all right. mike levine, thank nor information and for confirming what we just let everyone know, as far as the statement from the fbi. they are saying t
alert there are reports of gunshots on the campus of m.i.t.. police responding to the scene. mike tobin is live with the latest. mike? >> information is coming off the m.i.t.web site now this, is building number 32. the building is surrounded by responding agencies. the situation is considered active and dangerous, we know that the cambridge police are responding to augment the campus police there. not a lot is as far as information goes nothing to indicate there is a connection between what happened here on boliston street and what is going on on campus but chronology is owl all tlchl the fact this release happened you had individuals considered armed and dangerous or labeled armed and dangerous by the fbi. now we have nfrgs coming out of the massachusetts institution of technology there has been gunfire there. building 32 right now is surrounded. the situation considered active. and dangerous. greta? >> greta: building 32. do you have any idea? is that a dormitory? academic build something any information? >> it's come sog fast i zront that greta. >> greta: and you've reported campus
. jon: mike tobin is live from massachusetts general hospital in boston. it is ground zero for the critically injured. have doctors learned anything, mike that could help with this investigation in. >> you know, jon you heard the reports that the bombs were packed with ball bearings. the doctors here say they are removing from the patients both pellets and nails in addition to that. they are removing them with such concentration it leads the doctors to conclude that these are not things that were just picked up from the environment of the blast, these are things that were packed into the bomb. >> i think we are still getting details of all the events that happened, and obviously it's very difficult to conclude, based on initial impressions. i won't exclude completely the possibility that some of the fragments are environmental, but my opinion is that most of them were in the bombs. >> reporter: most of the injuries were to the lower portions of the body. a possible indication of a more sophisticated, directed blast. now of the 31 people who were brought here 12 still remain
of attacks, with chief intelligence catherine herridge live in washington but we start with mike tobin is live in boston. mike? >> reporter: jenna, the latest information that certainly has a lot of people's attention is coming from, really poor sourcing i should say at the top of this. that is the information that possibly dzhokhar tsarnaev is coming back to consciousness and able to communicate with investigators. it all goes back to "usa today" report citing anonymous law enforcement source but if the information hashings out it is certainly significant, the fact he is able to communicate with investigators by writing. he can't speak because as you mentioned there is a gunshot wound either to the neck or jaw or both but he is able to write according to this report and the answers providing to questions are described as substantive. what know from the information the answers he is providing indicates there is not a larger network. there is not a second wave planned or a wave people should be fearful of connected to him. again the information, the sourcing on the information just does
of was killed in a firefight with police, two 24 hours ago. mike tobin is in watertown, massachusetts, where the cry of we got him could surely be heard. mike? >> reporter: it certainly could be heard. certainly felt by people. this is the location, yamy, where this painful chapter in the boston marathon tragedy, one of them, anyway, closed. that's the house. you talked about the driveway, where the boat's at the end of it. it's right there. the owner came out, saw the trail of blood and called police. now, there was concern that dzhokhar tsarnaev was strapped with explosives, there is a gun battle that ensued. but it resolved without further loss of life. a terrific police presence was here. dzhokhar tsarnaev was charged without miranda, this is because federal authorities were able to implement the... the national threat exemption. and that will allow them to continue to question him. now, just on the other side of the police tape is a spontaneous celebration, beginning with people huddled around the radios, wanting to hear the latest information h. they got the information they wanted, ch
that begin with the worse terror attack we've seen on u.s. soil since september 11th. mike tobin leading our coverage. he is live in watertown, massachusetts where we expected a briefing in about 25 minutes. mike, hello, what is new this hour? >> i can tell you, bill, there is really only one backbone activity taking place in watertown. that is that door-to-door search you talked about. you have state troopers. you have national guardsmen, police officers from a number of different municipalities doing a door-to-door search, clearing the property. our observation not that they are searching a grid but searching houses based on judgment, based on information they develop. picking them at random. still the state police colonel, timothy albin thus far they have searched 07% of the houses here in watertown. still, every time that the state police and city police that the governor speaks to the media, they really use us as a mechanism to speak to the people that are locked down in their, . people are told to get from the homes. lock the door. don't open the door unless it's a uniformed officer kn
more complicated. mike tobin live at a very busy chicago o'hare airport. mike? >> reporter: and this is where the sequester impacts you, the traveling public. details coming up. more than two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we've shared what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. bp's also committed to america. we support nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger. . .. jon: back now to our top story. the world remembering england's iron lady, former prime minister margaret thatcher. she died peacefully this morning after suffering a stroke. mrs. thatcher was 87. sky news reporter alistair bunkle is live outside thatcher's home in london. >> reporter: well, the latest news we are hearing and it hasn't yet been confirmed yet officially by members of her family is that margaret thatcher, barone
in hazelwood. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is in the fox extreme weather center, but first to mike tobin who's live in chicago. >> reporter: you mentioned missouri, and that's where it really seems to be the worst. witnesses, even weather spotters say they put their eyes on at least two funnel clouds that came down. the national weather service now has investigators on the ground to confirm that the damage is consistent with tornadic activity. a little town called hazelwood just outside of st. louis, that's where you have cars and tractor-trailers tipped over, roofs torn off homes. you have trees down and subsequently power that was taken out. some 30,000 homes without power, the crews have been working, they're down to 10,000 homes that are without power. unaware, investigators say, of any injuries on the ground there, and happy to say that. what's peculiar about this particular storm is the someoneses say the -- the witnesses saw say the worst of the weather was preceded by what they call a wall of bright light. also arkansas hit by severe weather, an 18-wheeler was tipped over, homes
the little kids didn't deserve to get blown up like that. >> mike tobin is in watertown. welcome to the program. who is with you? >> well, i have a couple of guys who live in the neighborhood in watertown. just a block and a half outside of the search grid and that is why dhokhar tsarnaev was able to lay here undetected for as long as he did. shot the video going around on the networks. i want to talk to you about the explosion. you were a volunteer at the marathon. what did you see and what did you do? >> i was in kenworth square three quarters of a mile from where the bomb had gone off. we heard the bombs and we were dealing with the stranded runners who were obviously displaced. they had no food, no money, no cell phones no, way of contacting their family. so we marathon volunteers had a rally to help them out as well and get them swing stated with their families. >> skip forward to thursday night. had you heard about the shootouts before things started happening in your neighborhood. >> i went for a washington earlier in the evening and then went to bed and i was woke up by a
. mike tobin is live at massachusetts hospital with the latest. doctors talked about the shrapnel they are removing from these victims. it's incredible? >> it really is. doctors say they have been pulling nails and ball bearings out of the victims, mostly ball bearings like spikes, sharp at both ends. at women's hospital they say the same thing, nails and ball bearings coming out of the victims. all consistent the bombs were packed with shrapnel and tended to rip through victims like a shotgun blast. >> a variety have sharp objects, probably this bomb had multiple metallic fragments in them. we removed pellets and nails. >> reporter: at massachusetts general, they performed four amputations. the decision to amputate was not a difficult one. most of injuries were to the legs, lower extremities because the blast went across the ground. there is a two-year-old boy that suffered a head injury because he was low to the ground. doctors are happy to say he is in good condition. >> shep: great to hear. the doctors said this afternoon this bombing has caused a unique situation with blood d
. >> we want to go to mike tobin who is in the middle of the scene in watertown all night. he joins us live with the latest. >> a short distance from where the bombing was 10 minutes by car the mit campus there was a probable brie at a bsh bsh robbery at a convenience store. gun fire erupted. there was u tube video. this is what it looks like. (gun fire) (gun fire)>> there >> there's explosions and gun fire going on down the street. (gun fire) >> and bear in mind, in that exchange of gun fire a campus police officer with the mit campus lost his life. he was struck by a bullet and we have report that is his gun was stolen. what followed was a high speed c chase for five miles in a stolen mercedes suv. through out the process explosives were hurled at the car at the pursuing police officer. many police agencies ascending on watertown. you saw the state police whashgs appears to be national guard, cambridge police, boston police. a volatile situation in which explosives, homemade explosives were distributed around the town. they remain on the street right now. one of the policemen were st
and celebrations in boston tonight. the second bombing suspect captured. mike tobin is live. you can hear fire trucks pulling up and everyone cheered. and people are cheering. then, i just posted on gretawire a picture of the suspect in the hospital. what a contrast. what is it like where you are? >> it looks like that spontaneous street demonstration or celebration i should say dried up i think the people are tired and had an opportunity to go home they took it. but tonight it was really interesting to see something that was spontaneous and patriotic it brought a resolution to this tragedy wex saw people crowding around radios to listen to developments after the selter in place ban was lifted. and they're able to walk out on the streets and you saw american people and then, people at -- once they realized it's over it was resolved. a great cheer went out they formed a gaund let. flags came out. they weren't boston or massachusetts centric. american flags came out. they sang patriotic songs. people viewed this tragedy as a wound not just to boston or massachusetts but this was an attack on ame
on in the city of chicago. more on that in a second. here is what we got for you now. mike tobin in watertown, massachusetts. what is the latest on the investigation there. ed henry at the white house responding to all these crosscurrents everywhere. to eric shawn where the injured suspect remains not surprisingly under heavy guard. mike? >> reporter: neil, this is the i dill i can neighborhood where it came to an end in a blaze of gunfire. the view of the helicopter pilot had there was someone hiding in that boat. he was wounded and bleeding, dzhokar tsarnaev half an hour from the cover of night that could have allowed him to move again. there were federal agents and guns drawn and at the ready to create a scene that people in this neighborhood would like to never see again. >> about 25 police cars came screeching down the road on franklin street and stopped at the bend in the road. within seconds, another 50 cars came. that was followed by swat trucks and armored vehicles. obviously something was going on. >> reporter: once that shelter in place order was lifted, a lot of people were not co
, governor. >> mike tobin. thank you and great reporting from boston. >> the high school class mate of tsarnaev confirm would twitter handle of jczar and said it the boston bomber. he quoted through his tweet a jay z. ain't no love in the heart of the city. stay safe people . hours later. he tweeted another message to his followerings. there are people who know the truth and stay silent and people who speak the truth but we don't hear them because they are the minority. the fact he walked around on the campus and send out messages on twitter as if he hadn't murdered an eight year old and sent dozens of people to the hospital permanently maimed is an indication of what kind of conscience he failed to have. npr counter terrorism correspondant's analysis of the boston bombing abdurd. temple linked major events in april why the bombing suspects were most likely right-wing individuals. she made those comments on the radio program on wednesday. >> think happening as we are reporting that it is a domestic extremist attack and officials are leaning that way because of the timing . attack. t
with me. i will see you at the movies. mike tobin with the news live in ebert's hometown of chicago. mike, folks in chicago must feel a very special connection to ebert. >> well, you know, jon, for starters is he a chicago film critic who got a star on hollywood's walk of fame. right now that is becoming a makeshift memorial. we can tell you he once took a young host of am chicago out to dinner at hamburger hamlet near rush street. he told that young television host she should syndicate her show. enfrom a winfrey took his ad vice. he used to drink with studs turkel at the billy goat tavern under michigan avenue. that's back when he used to drink. he was very tech savvy and aggressive with the internet. because of that he was an early investor in google. he made millions. >> a lot of people are going to remember him for thumbs up or thumbs down. that's really reduckive considering what he brought to the industry. evidence gave a vice to people who loved movies. i remember an interview where he did where someone asked how do you become a film critic he said you call yourself up you stand up
. mike tobin is at massachusetts general. mike, what is it like there from what you are hearing about what it was like when the patients arrived? good morning. >> reporter: you know it was just a matter of minutes bill, until the injured, particularly the severely injured started coming to massachusetts general. quickly this became ground zero for the critically injured. >> you know at that point we didn't know if, that did turn out to be the tip of iceberg or if that was going to be the tip of a huge iceberg or not. so, you know, actually everybody were prepared for that type of situation. so the hospital activate straight -- activated its incident command system and between five and ten minutes we had everything pretty much up and running. >> reporter: he said treatments will need to be staged because you have such a wade variety of injuries, you have tissue damage, vascular damage, bone breaks. they need to prioritize. you stop the bleeding and come back later to deal with the bone breaks. doctors at massachusetts general say they're seeing a lot of shrapnel injuries but a doctor f
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